Batch Powder Coating Ovens - New Range Launched

Vulcan Catalytic Systems (now Heraeus Vulcan), have been designing and building powder coating ovens since 1990. We are now  pleased to be able to announce the launch its new range of Gas Catalytic Infrared Batch Ovens. The new "Batch-Cat" range are designed for the company with small to medium production requirements. The new ovens replace  traditional batch powder coating ovens, however, the main difference is the new PLC control system which allows for a carefully controlled temperature profile to be programmed to suit the part or parts being cured. This means larger and more complex parts can be cured in much less time than normal. Batch-Cat ovens with two or more sections have the choice of using just part of the oven for curing, thus allowing greater savings to be realized when small batches are being cured.

The Advantages of Gas Catalytic Infrared Powder Coating Ovens

Powder Coating Ovens supplied by Heraeus Vulcan are used for curing powder on metal substrates, such as aluminum extrusions, sheet metal and various metal geometric shapes.
The ovens are often in the form of Full Cure Ovens, Infrared Booster Ovens or Pre-Gel Ovens. The latter ovens are designed to precede traditional convection ovens, rapidly raise the powder coating temperature to a point where the powder flows and gels delivering the parts to the convection oven close to cure temperature in a short amount of time. This means that overall cure times are shorter, less distance between parts during powder gun color changes, as powder blow off is eliminated.

Please contact one of our sales team for more information on 1 401 683 2070 or visit our website  powder coating ovens.

batch powder coating ovens

Exploded View of Batch Powder Coating Oven








Batch Powder Coating Oven

Cutaway View of Batch Powder Coating Oven