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Industrial Gas Catalytic Infrared Systems

​The 3:1 Rule Explained - Why Gas Catalytic IR Technology is the Way Forward

What is the 3:1 Rule?

  • For every three minutes it takes to cure a part in a conventional convection oven, it will require only one minute in a Gas Catalytic IR oven

What Does This Mean?

  • ​For example, parts that normally take 30 minutes to cure conventionally, only take 10 minutes in a Gas Catalytic IR oven.

Practical Implications

  • ​Thermal Process Ovens are shorter and quicker than convection ovens
  • ​The use of Gas Catalytic IR ovens reduce energy bills

Why is the 3:1 Rule so Important?

  • ​The rule fundamentally demonstrates that less energy is required during process heating​​


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