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Industrial Gas Catalytic Infrared Systems

Gas Catalytic IR - The Benefits

If you are new to the concept of using Gas Catalytic IR for industrial heating applications, then here is a good place to start!

The Benefits Of Gas Catalytic IR

  • Energy Saving: Gas Catalytic IR systems typically use as much as 50% less energy that conventional convection ovens
  • Space Saving: Typically Gas Catalytic IR systems take up 50% less floor space when compared to conventional convection ovens
  • Production Output: Reduced air movement within oven means less cross contamination. Parts can be placed closer together on production lines
  • Improved Quality: Gas Catalytic IR gives a more even heat distribution. This means a better overall cure with no under or over cure spots
  • The 3:1 Rule: On average it takes a third less time to cure a part in a Gas Catalytic IR oven than in a conventional convection oven

The Applications

  • Powder Coating Ovens for all metal substrates, from small to large components
  • Pre Gel Ovens use on all substrates as a means of quickly allowing powder to flow and gel, prior to full cure
  • Powder Coating Ovens for heat sensitive substrates such as Engineered Timber, Plywood and MDF
  • Liquid Finish Curing for solvent and water based liquid coatings and finishes
  • Industrial Food Drying of grains, food stuffs, pulses etc.
  • Thermoforming of large products such as spa pools, dinghy hulls, portable toilet facilities etc.
  • Leather Curing including liquid finishes on all types of leather

Your Application Not Listed?

Heraeus have test centers located in Buford GA, and Neston in the UK. If you have an unusual application that requires the application of heat, then please contact us and we can advise you and carry out a program of testing.


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