Gas Catalytic IR Oven Double Capacity

​Gas Catalytic IR Oven Doubles Capacity

Wheel Rim Powder Coating Oven Case Study | 50% Time Reduction

​"I have been extremely impressed with the performance of our new Heraeus Gas Catalytic IR Ovens. Process time has been reduced by 50% and the resultant increase in productivity and quality has been impressive. Repeat-ability of our high standard of quality has improved significantly and the overall impact on our energy bills has been remarkable."

Herman Mansbart  - Owner of Elite Rim Repair

Rim Refurbishment Company Reduces Lead Time With Gas Catalytic IR Oven

Wheel Rim Powder Coating Oven Case Study. When Elite Rim Repair, of Plainview NY, a leading company in the rim refurbishment industry, approached Heraeus for advice on how to increase production capacity and quality, we suggested two new Gas Catalytic IR ovens which would dovetail into existing procedures:

  • Preparation - Rims are stripped of tires and existing finish followed by straightening if required.
  • Pre Gel Gas Catalytic Oven - Base color powder applied before entering the Pre Gel Gas Catalytic IR Oven. This gels the powder and adds heat to the rims.
  • Final Cure Gas Catalytic IR Oven - Clear coat powder then applied to hot rim before entering final cure Gas Catalytic IR Oven to co-cure the base and clear coat together to provide a flawless finish.
  • Fit Tires & Ship - Tires are then refitted and rims are ready to ship. All possible within 24 - 48 hours.

Wheel Refurbishment Case Study

New Wheel Refurbishment Powder Coating Oven Delivers!

wheel refurbishment powder coating oven case study

“The successful conversion has allowed Snider Fleet Solutions to stay ahead of growing demand. The line is currently operating around the clock and we have the capacity to exceed 10,000 wheels per month. The biggest advantage of the new system is our ability to continually move parts through our process. It works very well now.The benefits of using efficient Gas Catalytic IR ovens has saved us a ton of gas already! Our old convection oven was very inefficient.The gas savings alone since the conversion have completely paid for the new ovens within 18 months of installation.”

Dave Double - Plant Manager Snider Fleet Solutions

Wheel Refurbishment Powder Coating Oven

Snider Fleet Solutions in Greensboro, N.C. supplies tires, retreads and vehicle services to the transportation industry. The company operates a growing auto and truck wheel refurbishment service in Bluffton, Ind.

Until 3 years ago the company utilized a single convection oven that limited production to 3,000 wheels per month. They were also experiencing very high utility bills. Dave Double, Plant Manager at Snider Fleet Solutions needed a more flexible and cost effective solution. Dave carried out his research and concluded that Vulcan Catalytic Systems (now Heraeus Vulcan) was the best choice for revamping their systems.

So, the company installed a Vulcan (now Heraeus Vulcan) Gas Catalytic Infrared Powder Coating Oven to keep up with the growing demand for wheel refurbishment. They also adopted a new overhead track from Nikotrack, which incorporated staging areas to provide flexibility in the routing of parts through the system. This layout adopts a Lean Manufacturing approach, which ensures flexibility in batch sizes, to ensure that product is completed according the "pull" of the customer.

Overall, the new system has helped production to triple with the line currently running around the clock, powder coating 9,500 wheels per month, with the capacity to exceed 10,000 wheels per month. The full case study was published in Powder Coating Magazine.