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Industrial Gas Catalytic Infrared Systems

Vulcan Catalytic® Gas Catalytic High Efficiency Ovens For E Coating

There are normally two parts of the complete E Coat (Electroplating) process that require a thermal process:

  • Dry Off
  • Curing

The use of Gas Catalytic IR in the curing process offers the same advantages as in other curing processes such as powder coating:

  • The 3:1 principle applies. This means that for every 3 minutes a curing process would take in a convection oven, a Gas Catalytic IR oven would only take 1 minute.
  • Gas Catalytic IR ovens are 50% the size of a convection oven
  • Gas Catalytic IR Ovens use up to 50% less energy than a convection oven.

Heraeus Vulcan Gas Catalytic Infrared Ovens are modular in design, pre-wired and plumbed ready for use within one or two days of on site delivery. Yet, they are custom tailored to the customer’s specific requirements of part size, type of coating, conveyor height and line speed. Our catalytic heaters can be used in hazardous locations and have Factory Mutual and CSA approvals. ATEX approved heaters are also available.

How Vulcan Catalytic® Systems Can Help You

Heraeus Vulcan engineers design catalytic heating systems for heating processes that require a part temperature of up to 650°F/345°C. Whether it is for plastics, powder or liquid coating, web drying, or preheating, the systems are carefully tested in our state of the art facility, ensuring complete satisfaction before shipping the system.

We Supply:

  • Fully built modular ovens, designed, manufactured and installed by us
  • We can supply heater and control packages
  • Heaters only
  • Full package of heaters, controls and gas management assemblies.
  • Complete Ovens shipped in modular sections – pre-wired and plumbed.
  • We also work with turn key system integrators who supply complete powder coating lines

Please contact us to discuss you requirements.


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