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Industrial Gas Catalytic Infrared Systems

Energy Efficiency

It's Not Just about Saving Money

Energy Efficient Gas Catalytic IR can play a significant role for manufacturing companies that understand that energy efficiency in any industrial plant is paramount. Electrical energy costs have continued to rise steadily, over the past few years, while Natural Gas costs have stabilized at this point in time, but could continue to rise as demand increases. If your company is involved in powder coating, thermoforming or process heating, using electric systems or inefficient gas convection heating, the challenge is how reduce the impact of price increases and keep costs under control. So if your focus for reducing costs is being driven by your Lean Manufacturing program or just the need to survive in a competitive marketplace, reviewing your energy use has become imperative. If you use process heating or use  electric powder coating ovens, then here are the facts:

  • Electrical Energy is the most expensive and potentially inefficient form of energy available today based on the KWs of fossil in to power plants and the KW’s of electricity that are delivered for consumption.
  • The average Kilowatt cost for Natural Gas is less than 2 Cents, compared to the cost per kilowatt for electricity – 8 Cents average.

Identifying any process that uses electricity, and can be switched to gas will bring immediate energy efficiency and cost savings, while benefiting the environment.

How Energy Efficiency Can be Achieved

If your company is involved in powder coating for instance, consider the following:

  • Convection ovens are only 5%–7% efficient. This means that only up to 7% of the energy consumed is used to heat the part.
  • Gas Catalytic Infra Red heating:
    • Is 80% efficient in converting in going KW’s (BTU’s) into usable Infrared Energy
    • 1 minute in a Gas Catalytic Infrared oven is equivalent to 3 minutes in a Convection oven.
    • Adding a 2 – 3 minute  Booster or Pre-Gel catalytic Infrared oven in front of a convection oven will remove contamination as well as speed the line up and reduce overall energy costs.
    • Updating from old convection technology to Gas Catalytic Infrared, may qualify for a Utility rebate…see and select your geographic area and Utility provider to see if you qualify.
    • Running costs are up to 50% less. most companies achieve savings of at least 30%.
    • Requires up to 67% less floor space.
    • Gives greater process control for energy savings.
    • Gives a better quality finish for texture and gloss powders.


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