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Industrial Gas Catalytic Infrared Systems

Vulcan Catalytic® Gas Catalytic IR Batch Oven

Heraeus have recently developed a new concept in Gas Catalytic IR Batch Ovens, which means that those with small production requirements can benefit from all the advantages of Gas Catalytic IR. By clever use of PLC controls, it is possible to replicate the thermal profile of a conventional gas fired batch oven, but reduce cycle times by 50% or more.

gas catalytic IR batch oven

Advantages of a Gas Catalytic IR Batch Oven 

  • Energy Saving
  • Space Saving
  • Quality Improving
  • Cycle Time Reduction of 50%
  • Repeatable Heat Profiles

Screen shot of PLC screen showing zones, percentage heat output for each zone and time intervals for each setting. This enables precise control of the temperature ramp up, gel stage, cure stage and finally, ramp down.

gas catalytic ir batch oven

Gas Catalytic IR heaters can be arranged to suit any part shape to enable full infrared coverage.

What is a Gas Catalytic IR Batch Oven?

A Gas Catalytic IR Batch Oven is shorter than a normal oven. The size depends upon space availability and required part and batch size. A typical oven will normally consist of two sections. 

The Secret is the PLC Controls

  • The PLC controls operate differently to a normal Gas Catalytic IR Oven. 
  • When the oven is operating, the controls allow the Gas Catalytic IR heaters to ramp up to cure temperature very quickly. The temperature is then held for the required cure time, and is then ramped down. This replicates the temperature profile a part would experience if it was passing through a continuous flow Gas Catalytic IR Oven.
  • Heat profiles are stored in the PLC Controls, enabling different profiles for different part types.

When to use a Gas Catalytic IR Batch Oven

  • If you have small to medium production requirements
  • Varied part size
  • Reduced space available
  • You want to increase production output from same available space

Ideal for use as a Lab. Oven

  • If you have testing requirements to determine powder cure schedules

The Advantages of a Gas Catalytic IR Batch Oven

  • Greater output from same floor space
  • Shorter cure times (up to 66%)
  • Reduced changeover times
  • Less energy usage
  • Cheaper to operate
  • Improved quality


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