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Industrial Gas Catalytic Infrared Systems

Powder Coating Oven - System Design

Heraeus – Vulcan’s infrared powder coating ovens are custom designed specifically for the intended application. The main aim is it to optimize the  coverage of the part with infrared, thus ensuring reduced curing times. This is achieved by selecting the correct arrangement of heaters and maximizing using fully reflected IR technology for complete cure ovens.

Ovens are designed with SolidWorks design programs ensuring a high degree of “fit and finish”, allowing all parties to thoroughly view the oven design and ensure exact placement on the paint line. When working with distributors, we can provide a package which includes the oven, fully designed in Solidworks, heaters and controls. This enables local manufacture of the sheet metal components for the oven, allowing quick and easy assembly of the powder coating oven system close to the end user, wherever they are in the world.

Fully reflected I.R technology is designed into the oven, ensuring the most efficient absorption of infrared by the part or coating. Multi faceted, reflective oven interior focuses the IR energy onto the part. The removable outside panels are non insulated but remain cool to the touch.

Heraeus – Vulcan powder coating oven systems and heaters are p​​​​re plumbed and wired prior to leaving the plant, ensuring rapid installation at the customer’s plant. Exterior of the ovens are powder coated to customer’s colors and are easily removable for inspection.

Multi zone gas pulse technology is used throughout the oven design concept, allowing for front to back and top to bottom temperature control. Control of the zones is via an intuitive PLC operator interface that is also the diagnostic center. The control system is ideal for heating heat sensitive substrates such as MDF as well as traditional metal parts.


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